Friday, 31 December 2010

Mark Tobey
Dartington, 1931-1938

Pen and wash drawings.
Images courtesy of William Elmhirst
Mark Tobey
Dartington 1931-1938

Bahai Scene, gouache,
Collection of the Dartington Hall Trust
Photo by Kate Mount.

An American abstract expressionist painter, Tobey came to Dartington in 1931 where he was resident artist of the school. In addition to teaching, he painted frescoes for the school and became a close friend of Bernard Leach. In the 1930s he achieved notoriety with his “white writing” paintings, consisting of a web of calligraphic marks painted in white on a gray or coloured ground which soon displaced his representational work.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ben Piper

We have commissioned Ben Piper to come up with a pyrotechnic display for the reunion weekend and have discussed a fiery joust in the Hall Gardens. It promises to be extraordinary, unique and spectacular, all terms Ben has got used to hearing. Being the modest man he is, he is asking for the trifling sum of £500 to pull it off. I hear you rushing to support him as I type.... http://www/

Monday, 20 December 2010

Power of Place needs your support. There are over 150 artists involved and the show is going to be held in a run down building with almost no electricity. Some of the largest costs are insurance, a catalogue and generating electricity so we need your help. The fund raising campaign set up on Wefund is based on an American model of a lot people giving a little. The only drawback is that the money won't reach us unless we hit our wefund target. Any pledges are gratefully received for what will be a unique exhibition.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Friday, 10 December 2010

An Old Friend
By Diana Gittens

When we first met I was only fourteen.
You'd been here far longer than me.
I'd lost my roots, but yours were overflowing.

You welcomed me with silent tolerance
put me at ease in vivid greens and shades
of chestnut, alder, oak and beech.

I rested by your beds
of lavender, sage and thyme,
climbed stone steps between magnolia branches

to the granite woman of the moor, looking out
towards rounded hills, thrown
by some ancient potter's hands.

Twelve apostle yews guarded me
near the necking swans in trickling water
where scarlet acers recalled my childhood Fall.

Your echoing wheel of stone spoke
with my voice I could hear but could not find.
I sat there munching biscuits with my friend

breathing blossom scents, watching butterflies
dance the colours, as if Mozart
had been playing (he often was).

I still come to see you when I'm lost
and though we've spread in many ways,
together under sky we reconnect.

Copyright belongs to Diana Gittins

Monday, 6 December 2010

Ernie Oliver
Dartington, 1963 - 1985

Luggers, Oil on canvas

Shoal, Oil on canvas

Ernie taught at Foxhole from 1963 - 1985 and these paintings give an indication of how versatile he is as an artist.

Gahan Oliver
Dartington, 70s

Crab, Oil on canvas

Gahan came to the rescue many times working part time at Aller Park when needed.